Your personal counselor and guidance counselor all in one.

A Man-Up counselor can help serve your child through:

  • Individual counseling and mentoring

  • Small group counseling and peer conflict resolution

  • Recreational therapy

  • Life skills assessment and development

  • Counseling students with attendance issues, disciplinary issues, and anger management

  • Depression, anxiety, stress management

  • Collaborating with your child’s teachers on behalf of parents

  • Interpreting student records and needs assessment

  • Education support advisor

  • College and career planning

  • Organizational skills training

  • College visits and workplace interview prep, and transportation

  • College and career readiness skills

  • Provide strategies to instill leadership skills in students through small group activities, growth manuals, and community service activities

  • Promote critical thinking skills

  • Incorporate inquiry-based research skills

  • Study skills and strategies in preparation for college

  • Vision quest (setting of short and long term goals with accountability makers)


Life wasn’t meant to be easy, but with the right tools, support, and encouragement we can be victorious. Send us an email to book your appointment.